Beautiful Earth

The clouds start to burst and shower us with rain,

The water cleanses the Earth and helps grow the grain.

Hydrogen explosions burn within the sun,

The rays of light hit the Earth at the glory of the One.


The birds awaken us with their supplicating song,

Sweet dew slowly rises after settling all night long.

Soft wind makes its mark with the rustling of the trees,

As the beauty of this Earth makes me drop down to my knees.


So beautiful, so beautiful; I can't comprehend

The beauty of the day as it calmly falls to end.

As the sun slowly sets and the tides start to rise,

The exceptional beauty brings me tears to my eyes.


We may build our skyscrapers, airplanes and cars.

We may build space rockets to investigate Mars.

Make what we wish, but at the end we will find

That the beauty of this Earth is truly one of a kind.



26th April 2006