Before Salah


I think back now all those years,

Just reflecting on, brings me to tears.

Why was I blind? Why did I not see?

For success in the worlds, Islam is the key

Everything I have in life, how can it be?

I thanked not the One who granted it to me?

When my Lord calls me to the right path,

Am I of one he favours, or one who earns his wrath?

I called myself a Muslim, was I a liar?

I prayed not my salah, I was heading for fire.

Yet once again, my Lord showed me the way

This time I pray my salah, I dare not disobey

After all, my Lord has granted me so much,

Everything’s a blessing; I've been blessed as such.

I say to you, brothers and sisters in Islam,

With salah comes peace, tranquillity and calm.

So pray your salah, do not delay.

Let us not be of those who stray.

Call to your Lord for guidance so true,

If you’re sincere, He will answer you.

I beg my Lord He shows me the full way

So that I live not to regret; on Judgement Day.

Ill continue my salah with the will of my Lord

And gaining his pleasure, I’ll never be bored.


- Kulsum Ayub