The Box of Crayons


If you were to go to a shop

And bought a box of crayons

And when you get back home

To colour your picture

You find one of the crayons missing,

What would you do?


Would you:

Start colouring without making a hassle

And try to make the best of what you have?


Go back to the shop and ask for an exchange

Because of the missing crayon?


I would start colouring without making a fuss.

But that’s not the point.

The point is that whether you start colouring

Or go for an exchange,

Either way you’re aware that

There’s a crayon missing.

You know that there’s an

Empty space in the box.

This is life.

The box is our Earth and

We are the crayons.

We come in different colours

And textures,

Without any one of us

The Earth would feel empty.

Our nature is delicate,

We get broken easily

So we need to be handled carefully.

No one of us can replace another,

We all have our own place

And we all bring a unique touch

To this Earth.

We put the colour and liven up

This Earth.

Each of us contributes in

A different way.

We share the same box.

If the box gets broken

From one side,

It’ll affect us all.


We are the crayons,

This Earth is our box.

The box of crayons.                                                                                         14th March 2005