Cries of Palestine


On holy land so much blood drips.

Wasted AK and M6 clips.

Tanks rumble. Planes fly overhead.

Streets litter with bodies of the dead.


Palestine starts to cry out loud,

ďOh Human! Why are you so proud?

Canít you even defend this sand?

For everyone it's Holy Land.Ē


The planes, gunshots and all the screams,

Keep visiting me in my dreams.

I feel the pain inside my soul,

Like stuck inside a big black hole.


Once this land was so clean and pure.

Down there you could find every cure,

But now its being stretched and torn.

Houses bombed while a child is born.


The TV screen displays pictures,

But then moves on to game fixtures.

The sympathy just doesnít last,

Cuz this life moves on very fast.


I hear the cries of Palestine,

I see itís tears mix in with mine.

I pray to see some better days,

Away from all the blood filled ways.


18th December 2003