Crying Everyday

You cry everyday because of your constant struggle.
Your mind’s ready to blow up just like a bubble.
Too much trouble getting along in life.
Easier to grab a knife and finish off your life.
Please don’t, that’s the worst thing you can do.
Hope you won’t, or hell awaits you.
I try to elevate you with my sly rhymes.
To remind you everyone has low and high times.
So should I slow down my rhymes? No, I need the speed.
To help me plead to you to put down that weed.
But if you kill yourself I won’t cry for you.
Hell, I won’t even think about praying for you!

Look in the mirror for a second, what do you see?
Ask yourself and try to reckon, who is this me?
You see, we’re all the same thing inside.
Even though there might be a bigger tide on your side.
So I write this rhyme, to help you stop crying.
To see the beauty in life, before you start dying.
Brothers! You’re a son, a brother and a friend.
Maybe even an uncle, and a father till the end.
Sisters! You’re a daughter, a sister. You’re the lady.
A good friend and a mother with your baby.
You all mean everything to someone else you know.
So your life is too worthy for you to go throw.