Down Under


Out across the oceans,

Past every single sea,

There lives a human being,

That shares a lot with me.


Itís hard to comprehend,

That someone else, so far,

Can have so much in common

And be so much like you are.


Sometimes I sit thinking,

Can it really be true?

Things that happen to me

Also happen to you?


Itís over surprising

And just seems so unreal,

The way you talk and think,

I also think and feel.


Out of 6 billion,

Someone matches so well.

Is it a test or a trick?

Itís really hard to tell.


I canít really say much,

But I know you know this too;

There seems to be a special link

Between me and you.

Dedicated to Z.A. - You know who you are...

1st March 2004