Thank you Emirates


I still remember the sweet soft drizzle

Dropping on the sand;

A strange sensation – the warm rain

Refreshing my soul.


For 13 years I experienced the joys

Of being your guest.

Yet in your welcoming embrace

I always felt at home.


Your father laid the platform to

Make you the epitome of peace.

He gazes down on you now surely

With a sense of fulfilment and joy.


You have risen in your short

Lifetime to become a nation

Envied by others as they see

The greatness that you diffuse.


Where else will I see the leader

Walking unguarded beside me?

The passers-by gazing in pride

As they greet him with smiles.


With you are some of my

Greatest memories.

I would have not become

Who I am, without you.






Three words that I will always know you by,

Irrespective of what anyone else says.

Thank you Emirates.


1st December 2011

2011 - Tahir Rashid - All Rights Reserved.