Eternal Life


Sit Down. Relax. Clear your mind out.

Imagine living forever with no end.

100, 10000 or a million years.

Much longer than the time on Earth we spend.


Imagine yourself in Paradise.

Think about the life in eternal bliss.

No barriers, no limits; just smiles.

Wouldn’t you like to live in a place like this?


Now imagine yourself in hellfire,

Burning forever in agony.

Chained up, thorns in throats, stomachs boiling.

A place of ETERNAL misery.


Either one of these homes will be yours.

Tell me, which one would you want to buy?

Paradise or hell? Live for it now,

We’ll get the home we deserve when we die.


May Allah have Mercy on all of us. Ameen


May Allah grant us Paradise. Ameen


May Allah give us a peaceful death. Ameen


16th November 2003