Kullu Nafsin Dhaa Iqatul Maut - Every Soul Will Taste Death

Death is a relief to some,
And an agony to others,
But death is inescapable!
My dear Sisters and Brothers!
This life is only temporary,
Where no one knows when they’ll die,
So live your day as if it’s your last,
Cuz it takes less than a second to die!
I’m simply trying to remind you,
My intention is not to scare.
The angel of death can greet you
Anytime and anywhere.
Whether you be locked in your room,
Whether you be playing outside,
Once the Angel of Death comes,
You won’t find a place to hide.

So take every chance you have
To do another good deed.
So that you may come in good face
At the time your soul is freed

Oh Brother and Sisters!
This is a message that’s true.
A reminder that death is real
And it will come to me and you.

May Allah have mercy on the souls of the dead.
May Allah give us a peaceful death.
May Allah give us death under the light of faith.