Hijabi Sisters

Hijabi sisters bring my feet back down to earth
Cuz they’re living this life at what they’re really worth
So if you’re a Hijabi sister, put your hand up!
Scratch that, go on, please stand up!
Stand up to those who want you to expose.
Cuz by wearing your Hijab, sis, u look like a rose.
But more importantly, you’re following Allah’s command.
That’s what some people just don’t seem to understand.

Then you got those sisters that are in between.
Who aren’t really sure whether to follow this Deen.
Peer pressure getting to them and sticking in their head.
Sometimes even getting us brothers with them into bed.
Astaghfirullah, these sisters seriously need some advice,
On how to be modest or otherwise the high price
That will have to be paid by them on judgement day.
So let’s pray that these sisters follow the right way…

Then you got the kafir ladies exposing all skin.
Not afraid of god, so they’re indulging in sin.
Openly flirting with anyone they wish to know
Some even talk about modesty, but it don’t show.
Even leading us brothers with them into hellfire.
Man, a real good Iman is what we require
To stay away from our desire and always keep clean
Throughout this life, especially when you’re a teen.