In Debt


Oh Allah! How can I repay thee,

For this blessed life that youíve given me?

I feel ashamed when I contemplate.

I pray that it hasnít been too late.

Iím aware my life hangs by a fine thread.

I know the next second I could be dead.

Oh Allah. All I ask for now is mercy.

Cuz Iíve done may wrongs in this life so free.


Your servants feel for you in this special way.

I only had guts to pick a pen today.

I speak for those too who find it a bit hard,

To explain and play the emotional card.

Iíve lived life so long and now Iím eighteen;

An adult by age but not by this deen.

Too many sins for myself to keep track,

Something I really regret when I look back.


Iíll dehydrate myself of my blood, sweat and tears,

To repay for sins Iíve committed all these years,

Cuz I know Iíve wronged in many different ways,

Sometimes doing the good only for the praise.

But now I sit here feeling wasted at my soul,

Understanding that only you can make me whole.

So I ask you to help me and those who feel the same,

To realize this life is much more than a game.


 22nd December 2003