Is Our Love Dead?

Every night when I go to bed,
I ask myself, is our love dead?
If it isn’t it most be lost somewhere.
Cause right now I’m feeling really bare.
Wait, did it exist in the first place?
Does it show when I see your face?
It doesn’t seem there is any love,
Like in Palestine there is no peace dove.
It’s a cover up just for getting on,
But at the end it starts to weigh a ton,
And the weight can never be lifted,
Even if it is tried by the gifted.
Because it etches into the mind
Just the way it’s always outlined.

Now I feel like running away,
Cause I search for answers everyday.
But all I find is more confusion.
It seems our love is an illusion.
I’m stuck in the middle of this struggle,
Ready to burst just like a bubble.
Cause I can’t help myself out of this place,
I’d rather run away and leave no trace.