Our Size Doesn't Matter

As I look around me, I perceive,
Those who are true and those who deceive.
Those whose hearts are blocked up by greed,
No matter what happens they’ll never pay heed.
Then there are those who can’t stop doing good.
Those who live their lives like everyone should.
An inspiration for us all to follow.
Filling the minds of each and every hollow.

Which one of these do you think you are?
Do you spend your time drinking beer in a bar?
Or do you stand in front of God ready to pray?
Completely pure and focused five times a day.
It’s no good if you choose a ‘middle’ road,
Because you have to live like our Prophet showed.
Otherwise there will be a very sad end,
And it won’t help even if you pretend.

We are the world’s upcoming generation,
So let’s start proper implementation,
To build ourselves a strong Islamic Nation,
But no raging, ‘cause anger is a disease.
Which cages you, like a dog full of fleas.
Yes please! Work to spread Islam everywhere.
Don’t be scared to show that Muslims actually care.
Anywhere, always show Islamic flair.

Remember the Ummah at the Prophet’s times?
We used to stop each other from committing crimes.
Our bond was stronger than the strongest super glue.
We always kept together and were always true.
Islam was spread around like a bush fire.
It sparked, grew and burnt away all desire.
We couldn’t help helping each other out,
And speaking in a modest tone, not a shout.




Our modesty and honesty won many hearts.
We were all united and we all played our parts,
Because we knew we only get to live life one time.
So we made most of it and made Islam our prime.
We were only a handful of Muslims during those days.
We used to be looked up on and were given much praise.
But we gave all the praises to Allah, the creator,
Cause we knew that Allah was much more greater .

That was more than one thousand four hundred years ago.
Looking at us now seems that progress is very slow.
Actually it seems like there is no progress at all,
We used to be standing up tall but now we crawl.
It seems like we can’t even help ourselves to stand,
Which has created all these borders in every land.
Leaving us helplessly drowning in the sea of sin.
So we better take the rules of God out from the bin.

Look at the size of the Ummah right now.
Nearly two billion and you still ask how.
But our size doesn’t matter at this stage,
‘Cause our minds are filled with unforeseen rage.
Which doesn’t help us in any way,
Our situation gets worse by the day.
We’ve lost the spectrum of living this life.
Now it’s all gone down to managing strife.

These lyrics/poetry came first in the Muslim Studio lyrics contest held on the Muslim Studio Forum.