Out of Date

All those classical love poems have gone out of date.
I can write love as well, don’t underestimate!
The simple feeling of the presence of another soul
Who actually means something to you, cannot be told.
Cause that feeling is really something extraordinary,
Just like eating your first juicy tangy strawberry.
But that’s a one off thing, this is surely not.
This is what makes you think that you’re feeling hot.
But you’re not! You see it’s a side effect of the thrill
Of being in love with someone you can sit back and chill.
Simple english is not enough to convey the feeling,
But if you haven’t been through it, don’t hit the ceiling!
Don’t worry too much, life is full of opportunities.
You don’t need to go begging on your knees.
You don’t even need any sort of expertise.
You just need to be yourself, that’s how you’ll please…