Peer Pressure

Peer pressure pushing you into rude gestures.
Doing drugs to make you think that you’re special.
Labeling yourself thugs, as if you’re a treasure.
Living this life as nothing but a mere pleasure.
Igniting fights, for no reason but to tease ‘em.
Getting people on their knees for your own leisure.
I tell you to measure how long you got left in this life.
It’s gonna be a surprise when you see you ain’t got long.
Cause life’s short, and obscenity is your own knife,
Which will slice off your throat and finish off your own life.
You’ve got a bottle of gin half empty and you’re drunk,
Singing your song about how you wanna be a great punk.
Smelling like a skunk they all laugh at you and your attitude.
You wanna live life being deprived while everyone’s mad at you?
You’re only living off your pride but you think you’re high in the sky.
You’re life’s a complete lie and you’re scared to death to die .
With every breath you lie, no care about anyone.
Every single moment, you’re only asking for fun.
But you run when you see them coming at you with a gun.
Outdone, Cause you think your life has just only begun.
So son, you really don’t wanna die in the state you are,
You don’t wanna die while joyriding a stolen car.
Cause if you do, all I can say is God help you.
And may he send you to the place you truly belong to.