The Million-Dollar Queen


The Million-Dollar Queen,

So happy and so kind,

What is her secret?

Why is she able to unlock the door?

The door to happiness that is,

She holds the key,

With, utter sincerity.

How can it be life is so rosy?

For her,

Yet bleak for me?

She holds the key,

But even still when they key is misplaced,

She is given the belief,

To appreciate her lost.

How wonderful is the Million-Dollar Queen?

Dressed in finery,

But humble, for sure,

No pointless matter, blocks her door!

The Million-Dollar Queen,

So clean in her heart,

She is the Million-Dollar Queen.

With a heart full of Islam,

She may have no money, but she still is the Million-Dollar Queen,

She is seriously keen,

To impress, none than her Creator!


- Anneka Sheikh

(An Aspiring Poet)