I took a trip down memory lane
And I thanked the lord that I did.
I reflected back on all the pain
That he had helped me get rid.

I took a while off from my routine
And thought of life while being a teen.
I found out there was much more to life
Than living on the edge of the knife.

I befriended nature only to see
The faith that I have inside of me.
I witnessed the beauty of this earth
And what remains in 2003.

I saw my soul and started to sing
Tunes in praise of the true king.
I took example off the birds
And wet my tongue with some good words.

I breathed knowing that at any second
My soul could be taken to be reckoned.
So I praised the lord under every breath,
Constantly thinking of my certain death.

I consider these as precious times
Distant from all the sins and crimes.
Just reflecting on this life of mine
And how I fit into God’s design.