End of Ramadan messages for my Brothers and Sisters


Oh dear Brothers, this is a message to you.

Love one another and always be true.

Live and let live, forget and forgive,

Be happy this one time that you do live.

Work together towards a peaceful place.

Always have a bright smile up on your face.

Teach good and do good whenever you can.

Show what it means to be a righteous man.

Control your anger, donít let it explode.

Or it might just be too heavy a load.

Which can easily put you down once and for all,

Donít let anger be the reason for your fall.

One last suggestion; never ever lie.

Or those lies will be piled up once you die.

One small lie eventually leads to another.

It is one of the worst sins, oh my Brother.


Now dear Sisters, let me focus on some things.

Never follow the thoughts that the devil brings.

Keep your spirit strong and never falter down.

If you follow the devil, you will lose your crown.

Donít forget your duty to God the supreme.

And remember that Jannah will not be a dream!

It will be a reality, more than anything.

An award for those who see God as their king.

So sisters, donít give in to worldly illusions.

The mischief makers come up with their sweet delusions,

But you have to keep your faith upright at all times

And stand up for yourself when surrounded by crimes,

To show what it means to have true faith in the heart.

Cuz a Muslimah and truth should never be apart.

They should be one; together forever and respected.

Inshallah I hope these lines of mine arenít neglected.


22nd November 2003