Struggling through the sand,

Fighting against the sea,

Trying to find the strength

To call myself the me.


Disillusioned at times

I battle with my soul,

Grabbing it by the neck

And trying to take control.


Helpless as I am

I still don’t fail to see

The Lord’s utmost power

And His infinite mercy.


Therefore I’m thankful

As much as I can be,

But I’m not thankful enough

Out of all honesty.


I may bow down my head,

I may drop down to my knees

But it won’t be enough

To straighten up this crease.


Sometimes this road to life

Takes you to places

Where all you seem to see

Are angry faces.


But hope should never be lost.

Never ever, I say.

Cuz for every dark hour

You will see a brighter day.

16th April 2005