Tainted Window


Itís a sad situation that weíre living in

I could go around and tick off every sin

Everything is corrupt, as worse as can be

My heart aches, but I move on silently

Praying and waiting for better days to arrive

Cuz at the moment I donít think my soul will survive

Itís just flowing down into a dark stream

While better days seem to be seen only in dreams

But dreams come true donít they? I hope these do

So we could have a better earth, for both me and you

Living in peace, without the killings and cries

And the weeping of a mother as her only child dies

I cry when I hear of the lives being destroyed

But I still hear about all the troops being deployed

Into nations suffering a lot already

Tell me, wouldnít you like to see the world all steady?


Revenge, jealousy

All the sins running free

Go on and tell me

If you see the way I see

You see its nothing small

The problemís grown real tall

Weíve gotta improve

Before we start to fall

Cuz itís been too long

We used to stand up strong

Now we canít even tell

What is right and what is wrong

Where can we go

If we take it all slow

Soon we might be

Extinct like the Dodo


The poison is sweet

Which weíre handed as a treat

We take it as if itís

The last thing left to eat

Then we find ourselves beat

Body sprawled along the street

Helplessly sensing the

Vultures waiting for our meat




Weíre all human anyway

And inside weíre all the same

It doesnít matter where youíre from

And neither does your name

Cuz at the end of the day

Weíre all going the same way

On this Earth we all share

So letís stop our fake play

Take the chance to sit and think

Work out a small common link

Even with your enemy and

Itíll save our ship to sink

Try to smile for a while

Put this theory under trial

And watch happiness spread

Like the flowing of the Nile

Iím sure youíll be impressed

It might be hard to digest

But I do know one thing

Itíll feel youíve just passed the test

Cuz this life IS a test,

A quest to be the best

Human being possible

From that flesh within your chest

Iím not the only to suggest

Cuz I know youíll feel blessed

But if you donít like me

At least listen to the rest

Cuz right now weíre in distress

Whoíll stand up to confess?

We walk but never look back

And try to clean our own mess

Weíre just dressed to impress

And faced with all the stress

Of fighting like lil kids

Over things that we possess

We need to open our eyes

Ponder over our lives

Relax back relieve the stress

Defeat the devil inside

To get over our pride

And overcome the tide

Cuz pride is the worst

It eats your soul from inside...