The Dating Game

Brothers and sisters, don’t play the dating game
And have your name put down in eternal shame.
It’s a game which is impossible to win,
Every move in it becomes another sin.
Even rolling the dice could mean a high price
And we will all pay for every single vice.
So don’t start or even think about playing
Cuz if you do, you’ll witness yourself straying.

Lust. Sex. Hate. And the cycle continues
Round and round in circles, ending in the refuse.
No one gets anywhere in this shameful play
And those who do continue get worse every day.
In the dating game there is no hint of gain,
The corruption and sin only leads to pain,
All the memories will fill you with regret,
And the scars will also make sure you never forget.

Islam protects you from all the deceit,
Learn your lesson, don't let history repeat.
Don’t be the next on the never ending list,
Of those who played and now sit really pissed.

29th October 2003

Written by: Tahir Rashid and sis Zohra