The Door


You might have read in some books

About a door locked for years,

And stories of what’s inside

Is what every human fears.

And in those books the people

Stay away from the door.

But for some it is always

Too big a thing to ignore.

You always have this small group

Or a single person who

Wants to see behind the door

And clear fables from what’s true.

And when the door is opened,

There is no monster or ghost.

There is no sleeping dragon

Waiting for someone to roast.

Probably inside the room

There is a grandfather clock -

Dusted, cobwebbed and splintered;

With no more life to tick tock.

Or maybe there’s a treasure,

For the person who was bold

To open the door and find

Rubies, emeralds and gold.


We need to look at ourselves,

Look inside our heart and soul.

How many doors are still closed

That build up that deep dark hole?

Go ahead, open the doors.

You never know what you’ll find.

Whatever it is, I know

That you won’t want to rewind.


If you don’t try…

Then you don’t know…

4th June 2004