The Story of Mr. Khan

Brothers and sisters in Islam,
Let me tell you a story while I can.
I got this call from a guy in Pakistan,
He said ‘Asalamualaikum’ , I replied ‘Walaikumasalam’.
He gave his name only as Mr. Khan,
And said he was calling from the inner suburbs of Multan.
He told me he had this big ass plan
That he had devised with his brothers in Multan,
To unite the Muslims, and regain our land.
He advised me to start to read the Qur’an
And follow the way of the most blessed man,
The Prophet, Alaihi Salatu Wasalam.
He told me he was stripped of being American,
Because he gave the prayer call too loudly, the Adhan.
When he was the leader of a mosque, the Imam.
So he flew down to Afghanistan
And crossed the border into Pakistan,
Without breaking the laws of the land.
He got refuge from the brothers in Multan
And the first thing he did was give the Fajr Adhan.
He gave it so loud it woke up every man
And they all came to pray, he told me they ran.
They all wanted to be in the first row behind the Imam.
Subhan’Allah, such great was Allah’s plan.
I said ‘That’s truly amazing, Mr. Khan’
He said ‘I haven’t finished, brother in Islam’
He told me that the brothers down in Iran
Were working with him to implement Islam.
He said ‘You will be part of the clan
As soon as you grow to be a full man’
Then he continued with his story, man!
That’s when my tears began…
‘When I heard of the invasion of Afghanistan,
I thought this must be part of Allah’s plan
To make the Muslims start to understand
That the only solution is complete Islam’
By then I was looking at how my tears ran,
While I was on the phone with a guided man.
He said ‘We must establish Khilafah as soon as we can
And make sure we choose a righteous Imam,
Who’ll be able to apply Islam.
He should be a really wise man
Who looks for answers in Hadith and Qur’an
And does everything with a good plan’.
Then I heard the Imam call the sweet Adhan
And I said ‘Thank you so much Mr. Khan,
For making me realize about Islam
May Allah’s blessing be upon you, Ma’salaam.’