I got this by email:

'There’s this woman who's tall and pretty and so is her husband... they gave birth to a son first and then a girl and then another boy...the first son had no illness, but the daughter and the youngest son does...the daughter is really short for her age and was very ill last year...The youngest son was born blind and had other sicknesses with it too... The woman didn't have a happy Eid this year.. She’s always crying...her daughter is in the hospital and can't move her body.. The woman's husband is always there in the hospital and is crying to Allah.. The youngest son can't eat anything and the food is passed through a tube connected directly to his stomach.. The only food he can drink is juice, milk and water. Whenever my mom talks to her she cries a lot...and says why Allah is doing this to her...it's really sad if u see her through your own eyes.. can you write a poem about this please, I'll give the poem to the woman... thanks'

Through My Eyes


I haven’t felt the pain that you feel,

Nor have I heard the cries you’ve heard,

But I’d like to show my sympathy

Even if it be of one word.


It’s all trials and tribulations

Because this life is a test.

Those who manage to stand strong

Are those who are the best.


The struggles that we go through

Makes us who we are,

If life was made so easy

Would we manage to get this far?


Nothing in this world is free

Even a smile now costs a tear,

So please hold back those cries

Or they may run out, I do fear.


Please, never lose your hope,

Allah won’t overburden you.

He has said that himself*

And whose words speak of more truth?



*Surah Al Baqarah, Verse 286 “Allah does not burden a soul beyond its capacity….”


2nd February 2005