War- wounded am I

Oh dear child i did not know
what happened to you?
how can i help?
Why do you cry?

I am just a child
left in misery,
shattered and crying
tears of blood
is when you see me.

For my story i shall tell
listen carefully
for the horrors under which
you cannot dwell.

Everyday my cries went far
but you did not hear, indeed
did it fall on deaf ears

During the day
Jihad and I are well acquainted
while you basked in your luxury
homes materialistically contaminated

Then the night came,
you lay in your silk-laden bed
and your central heated home
while I lay with terror hanging
over my head.



My eyes tore open with a sudden
thunder in the night
the sky rained with bullets and bombs

Then the bomb dropped
and my blood stained your very hands!
There goes my limb,
my heart and hand too.

In my mothers arm's
my brother lay,
a bullet pierces his head.

look into your pretty child's eyes...
what do you see
am I not worth the same
as 'he' or 'she' ?



- Sabiha Mahmood