This world is a prison of deceit and of schism.

The youth nowadays just leaving religion.

They seem to envision a piece of precision

That you only see down on the Television.

Make shift heroes popping up on the screen,

Leaving us wondering why we’re slopping up on our deen.

The game of the devil, cropping up a new scheme,

Making us follow those who take the route of obscene.

Being rude and so mean I can’t believe it.

You give a message of good but they don’t receive it.

Deceived by the devil, kicked around like a pebble;

No wonder our youth come out with such rebel!

Thrown down every level to a harder stage.

When they play the game they play the card of rage.

They’ve scarred the page and now we can’t read it,

Open your ears to this song and please heed it.




Peer pressure pushing down and sticking in our heads,

Rude gestures bringing frowns and leaving us in shreds

And instead of going around and trying to improve

All we ever do is sit down and never make a move.

Just staring at the walls with our faces whacked, 

With a needle in one hand a case of crack.

Injecting, infecting till the pain is back,

Till the veins collapse and the brain then cracks.

Then I see you there with some weed in your hand

And you’re getting so damn high that you pee in your pants.                                  

When you see the people all you see are some ants,

Hallucinating making this key as a plant.

Then they say to me "You know, he once was the man,

He could do anything that any man can.

Now he relies on the leaves of a plant  

Cuz he was brought down by the little man’s plan."  





You really wanna ask this hot chick on a date

So she can stay at your place and lick up till late;

No, bro, I suggest you take a break,

Calm down. Easy. Now try to respirate.

Think about it first before you do anything.

Understand the changes that your small step could bring.

Your life will be different to what it’s been recently

And your actions could bring unseen indecency!

This life’s real man, not a fake stage play.

You gotta live it tight, you never know the day

That you’re gonna die, so don’t throw away

Your precious time cuz you’ll grow today

And maybe learn a few things that you could then use

To help others out when others refuse

To do so. That’ll be your time to glow

Your time to rise, your  time to flow.




You know, this world is ours for the taking...

You see, we’re the next generation...

We’re the heirs to the throne

But I’m scared to the bone

Cuz I see a lot of youth still faking.

Imitating the ways of satan,

Raging away hating everyday

Like life is a maze. A game to play

Till we fade away and this place becomes

Another place of waste.




31st January 2005